... a running revolution!


Our goal is simple: to change the world, one run at a time. Our mission is to empower individuals to reach and acheive goals they never thought they could and to build a strong community in the process. Changing lives, creating community! 

*Guerilla Running is a FREE RUNNING CLUB*

We offer two weekly community runs: Mondays at 5:30PM at various locations for a trail run (email guerillarunning@hotmail.com for details) and Wednesdays, 6PM at the Olympia Farmer's Market.  

Running provides opportunities for individuals to reinvent themselves, to see themselves in a new and empowered light, and to bring that reinvigorated sense of hope and strength back to their families, communities and the world. Running can change the world.... Guerilla Running, through the races we host, has donated over $60,000 to charitable organizations since 2010.


Oly Trot

Mountain Marathon & Hillbilly Half Marathon


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Viva la revolution!